The future of naturopathic medicine in the United States may largely hinge on the ability to demonstrate that naturopathic physicians are excellent primary care providers. Excellence in primary care does not happen by accident, nor by simply graduating from a naturopathic medical school. Excellence occurs by directed effort to continually hone the skills and knowledge required for good primary care. 

We are a group of like-minded physicians and students, dedicated to the education and practice of Naturopathic Primary Care. Some of us were members of the first class of the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine. We were fortunate to have known Dr. Bastyr as a teacher and a friend.  During his last days, one of us had the privilege of serving as his attending physician. The Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP) is derived from the foundational teachings of Dr. John Bastyr.

To know Dr. Bastyr was to know Naturopathic Primary Care. Besides being a gentle and beloved physician, he was always teaching students, other physicians and his patients. When asked to define Naturopathic Medicine, his message was always the same: "what it takes." His approach to patients was steeped in the belief of the healing power inherent within each individual. He cared for patients from birth until death utilizing hydrotherapy, manipulation, diet, nutrition, nutraceuticals, homeopathic medicine, physical medicine, botanicals, counseling, and pharmaceuticals. He was a strong advocate of “nature cure” and the integration of conventional and naturopathic medical knowledge. He knew the value of teaching young doctors and students demonstrable naturopathic skills in the management of patients. The very seed from which Naturopathic Primary Care grew was Dr. Bastyr's willingness to share his keen insights and knowledge of Naturopathic Principles and Philosophy, the clinical application of the “least force” Therapeutic Order, bedside manner, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient. Those of us from the class of 1982 consider ourselves to be the first crop yielded from that precious seed.

We took our skills and went on to have full and challenging practices. Part of that practice, as trained by Dr. Bastyr, means passing on his “see one, do one, teach one” philosophy. This is the power of community-based medicine, and this is what makes Naturopathic Primary Care powerful and unique among all primary care practices and philosophies.  The next installment of this philosophy began in 2002, with a small committed group of "hungry" 3rd and 4th year naturopathic students eager to learn and practice Naturopathic Primary Care. Those who were willing to accept the sacrifices and rigor of weekly meetings and mentorship became members of this group known as the Sombrero Club. Since then, each year, a new crop from Dr. Bastyr's seed is readied for the challenges of a Naturopathic Primary Care career.

TODAY, we, the NAPCP, endeavor to carry on the spirit and the letter of Dr. Bastyr's "what it takes" philosophy. If you are interested in developing a successful Naturopathic Primary Care practice, including demonstrable skills in management, applied naturopathic theory, bedside manner, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, triage, consultation, co-management and effective participation in third party reimbursement and more, then we welcome you--Join Us...

Yours Truly, 

NAPCP Board of Directors





Practicums occur one to two times per year where the NAPCP board organizes presenters who focus on case-based approach to discuss cases and information with the audience. These practicums are often held in smaller forums with goal of 20-80 in attendance in order to have group discussions. 

Case-based Discussions:

Monthly Case-based Discussions and mentorship occur monthly on the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm.

NW Regional Primary Care Association Member:

NAPCP became a group member of the NWRPCA in 2017. By being a member of NAPCP, you are supporting NAPCP's commitment in increasing ND exposure, collaboration with conventional primary care,and ND hires into community health centers. NAPCP has since tabled at two conferences, NWRPCA Fall Primary Care Conference (2017) and NWRPCA Western Forum for Migrant and Community Health (2018). Next conference in Portland Oregon, Spring Primary Care and Annual Conference, (2018).