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February 22-24, 2018

See NAPCP board members at the 2018 Western Forum for Migrant and Community Health! 

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The Academy recognizes Naturopathic Primary Care Medicine as an established process, such that when a patient is initially evaluated, that patient will have, a relevant history, physical exam and an objective assessment. This results in direct management, consultation with another provider(s), co- management or referral as indicated by the nature of the presentation. In no way does this affect how the naturopathic physician treats (therapies, modalities, systems of medicine), except that intervention begins with the lowest level of appropriate force. This assures that the distinguishing features of naturopathic medicine, defined by the principles:  the healing power of nature, identify and treat the cause,, first do no harm , doctor as teacher, treat the whole person, prevention and wellness, are preserved and applied.  Given this understanding, the Academy seeks to establish and maintain an affiliation of like-minded primary care naturopathic physicians, so organized and controlled by qualified members, that this fact shall be apparent to other physicians, legislators, regulators, insurers and to the public at large.



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TODAY, we, the NAPCP, endeavor to carry on the spirit and the letter of Dr. Bastyr's "what it takes" philosophy. If you are interested in developing a successful Naturopathic Primary Care practice, including demonstrable skills in management, applied naturopathic theory, bedside manner, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, triage, consultation, co-management and effective participation in third party reimbursement and more, then we welcome you--Join Us...